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Situational Picture of Innovation in Tampere Region

Policy Document
Innovaatiotoiminnan tilannekuva Pirkanmaa
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The Situational Picture of Innovation in Tampere Region is a structured information management process that is developed proactively. Through a situational picture produced annually, signals of change in the field of innovation are identified, and a joint interpretation by the region’s actors is created on their significance to the region’s development and future. The situational picture formed from current data, from the interpretations drawn from it and from information management practices will create a basis for the planning of the region’s own strategic innovation policy, for decision-making and for the implementation of decisions.

System and operating model of situational pictures has been created in cooperation with key actors in the innovation field of the Tampere region. The system is developed dynamically through iteration rounds and learning by doing. The first situational picture was created by core teams of stakeholders in the region in 2013, and it has subsequently been republished and expanded every year. The process involves a broad range of experts and leaders from parties such as higher education institutions, innovation platforms, regional administration, lobbying organisations and the field of business and financing. The situational picture system is assessed actively with the assistance of domestic and international experts (e.g. OECD, MIT), and the work is put into practice by the Council of Tampere Region.

The situational picture of innovation activities is monitoring phenomena in the field of innovation that actors in the Tampere region can influence in the short and medium term and that have jointly been identified as strategically important. The information base is pooled from open data and materials followed by the innovation actors themselves, which makes the process efficient in terms of both costs and work resources. The module-like set of indicators consists of the up-to-date monitoring of 50 indicators. The main themes of the situational picture are RDI funding, institutions of higher education, growth companies, the international dimension, innovation platforms and value network capability. In addition, the situational picture is strengthened by means of current signal analyses, the need for which emerges from the signals provided by the indicators, the interpretations made by the network and the future outlook of the environment.

The principles guiding the process are that a knowledge based view arises when in workshops producing joint interpretations, that processes are communicated on an up-to-date basis and that the resulting information is shared openly in the network’s tools. The situational picture of innovation activities in the Tampere region is connected to the effectiveness of regional strategies, to regional innovation policy, to proactive work on the future and to themes in smart specialisation. The modelled process of situational pictures is also reproducible for other regions that actively aim to develop regional management of the innovation field on the basis of the co-creation and knowledge of the actors.

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