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BMW Regional Foresight Exercise 2005-2025

Policy Document
BMW Regional Foresight Exercise 2005-2025

The foresight exercise involved input from four thematic working groups focusing on competitiveness, innovation, knowledge and quality of life attributes.

The vision for the BMW region that emerged - “an innovative, knowledge-based and competitive region, with a high quality environment, first class infrastructure, visionary leadership and a quality of life for its citizens that is among the best in the world” - centred on five components: (i) where entrepreneurship, learning and knowledge are cornerstones of prosperity; (ii) internationally competitive businesses and a business environment are necessary for investment; (iii) where infrastructure networks provide access to 21st century resources; (iv) sustainable communities enjoy a high quality environment; and (v) the need for visionary leaders. 

Based on the five components, a series of ten objectives were identified, each with corresponding measures, which require implementation over the course of the strategy. Objectives are: knowledge, innovation, clustering, spatial, leadership, skills, business support, community, and social and knowledge infrastructure.

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