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ESF Operational Programme of the Canary Islands 2014-2020

Policy Document
Programa Operativo FSE de las Islas Canarias 2014-2020
Organisation responsible

The overall objective of the Operational Programme is to promote the sustainable development of the Canary Islands, providing a competitive economy with full employment and safeguarding the environment and natural resources of the territory.

The programme contributes to the reduction of difficulties in accessing to the labour market for disadvantaged groups (especially for long-term unemployed) through programmes such as "the second opportunity" that allow a change in career path or through personalised pathways of insertion. Measures aim to increase the active population and reduce unemployment, especially for the most disadvantaged groups such as women, increasing their employability through the promotion of a better work-life balance.

The ESF OP of the Canary Islands has a total volume of €191m, of which €162m are EU contribution. The allocation per thematic priority is as follow:

  • Promoting sustainability and quality employment and supporting labor mobility: €44,509,970.00;
  • Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty and all forms of discrimination: €41,912,905.00;
  • Education, training and vocational training: €72,230,377.00
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