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Economic and industrial promotion strategy of Aragon 2017-2019

Policy Document
Estrategia de promoción económica e industrial de Aragón 2017-2019
Organisation responsible

This strategy has been developed by the Government of Aragon, in particular, the Department of Economy, Industry and Employment in collaboration with companies and labour unions.
The objectives of this strategy are:

  • Betting on an energy policy in order to guarantee the sufficiency of supply, environmental sustainability, clean technologies and a competitive cost.
  • Investment in R&D and introduce ICTs in the production process.
  • Improvement of infrastructure and equipment for industrial activity.
  • Improvement of rail and intermodality.
  • Encourage the collaboration between companies for a better international business activity.
  • Improve the quality of the educational system.
  • Support employment stability.

The measures that will be implemented under this strategy are categorised in two types:

  • Economic promotion – which comprises training, innovation & internationalisation, administrative and sustainable measures.
  • Industrial promotion – comprises the Industrialisation strategic plan of Aragon, the promotion of industrial activities
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