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Coalition Agreement 2019-2023: Together for Gelderland

Policy Document
Coalitieakkoord 2019-2023: Samen voor Gelderland

"Together for Gelderland", that is the title of the coalition agreement of the Gelderse Staten for 2019-2023. The PvdA political group has reached an agreement with the VVD, CDA, GroenLinks, ChristenUnie and SGP groups. It has become a solid agreement in which we have agreed on shared ambitions and commitment. Where possible, outlines. After all, the world of today is not the world of tomorrow and the circumstances in our beautiful province can change. However, we have clearly agreed the goals on which we want to work with our partners. The title of the agreement reflects our working method: together for Gelderland. Together with residents, municipalities, social organizations, companies, educational institutions and volunteers.

In the coming four years we will again give Gelderland a strong financial boost. The parties want to invest more than € 650 million in Gelderland: in the economy, mobility, housing, culture and heritage, agriculture and nature, and in sustainable energy and climate measures.

Five parties provide members for the College of Provincial Executive: VVD (2 deputies), CDA (1), GroenLinks (1), PvdA (1) and ChristenUnie (1). The SGP does not provide a representative. A Cooperation Agreement has been reached with the SGP and the party will not be a member of the Provincial Executive. They will make their own decisions in the Provincial States.

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