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BayernFIT – Research, Innovation and Technology – The New Innovation Programme of the Bavarian State Government

Policy Document
BayernFIT – Forschung, Innovation, Technologie – Das neue Innovationsprogramm der Bayerischen Staatsregierung

In the context of the strategic frameworks "Offensive for the Future Bavaria" and "High-tech Offensive", the Bavarian state government has invested more than €3b in addition to the regular state budget for the purpose of promoting research and innovation. According to official sources, there has been measurable success. Between 1996 and 2006 the Bavarian economy maintained an average growth rate of 2.4% annually, one percentage point or 40% above the federal average. The new programme BayernFIT builds on this tradition by:
• mobilising an additional €490m for research, innovation and technology;
• by setting up a “pact for innovation” with key players of the Bavarian business sector; and
• by improving the competitiveness of both Bavarian enterprises and Bavarian universities through the BayernFIT Ltd. – Alliance for Research, Innovation and Technology.

BayernFIT rests on five pillars:
• a specification of the Programme “Bavaria 2020”;
• the programme “Bavaria 2020 Plus”;
• the “FITness Programme for Northern and Eastern Bavaria”;
• the “House of Research" (Haus der Forschung); and
• BayernFIT Ltd. – Alliance for Research, Innovation and Technology.

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