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Aragón Industry 4.0 (AI4.0)

Policy Document
Aragón Industria 4.0 (AI4.0)
Organisation responsible

The document presents Aragón’s Industry 4.0 strategy, which sets the guidelines for facilitating cooperation and coordination among the relevant stakeholders within the industrial sector to provide the neccesary tools, knowledge and competences to harness the potential economic, social, professional and human development opportunities associated to digital transformation.
The strategy aims to develop a sustainable industrial sector introducing cutting-edge technologies that boost its competitiveness and create quality employment. Thus, relying on innovation to promote the digital transformation of the industry, Aragón expects to   generate weatlh, employment and social wellbeing.
The following objectives summarise the strategy:
•    Increase the industrial added-value and the employment of quality
•    Promote an industrial model with a view to the future,  boosting those sectors that  will likely determine the competitiveness of the economy 
•    Develop differencial competitive advantages that favour industry and exports
The technologies highlighted within  Industry 4.0 are big data, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, horizontal and vertical integration, Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative robotic, simulation, and virtual reality.


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