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UVA – University of Valladolid

Original name: 
UVA – Universidad de Valladolid
Plaza de Santa Cruz, 8
47002 Valladolid

The University of Valladolid is a public university placed in Castilla y León. Its mission is to generate and transmit knowledge through teaching, research, Innovation and transfer activities with the aim to contribute to economic, cultural and social development in Castilla y León.


The main activities of UVA are:

  • Bring university’s scientific and cultural heritage closer to society;
  • Expand the educative-formative action of the University;
  • Facilitate access to the University and the enjoyment of its resources and services to the citizens;
  • Offer university education opportunities which help people to adapt to the continuous and accelerated changes that happens in our society;
  • Provide educational alternatives to adults who wish to update or expand their knowledge;
  • Promote the global development of adults, providing opportunities for access to culture and for the maturation of human capabilities.