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University of Zaragoza

Original name: 
Universidad de Zaragoza
Pedro Cerbuna 12
50009 Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza is the public university of Aragón. Rooted in its region and commited with its development, the University aims to be a reference institution serving the progress of Aragón, devoted to an integral education of students, both as critic and commited individuals and high-skilled professionals, capable of meeting the social and market demands of their time, and ready to anticipate and lead the processes of change.
The University wants to achieve recognition as a:

  • National and international reference for the quality of the education, research and services offered
  • Economic and social driver for progress, combining tradition and modernity
  • Dynamic, open and social demand oriented institution
  • Commited with the future development of Aragón and the preservation of its cultural, historical and artistic legacy

The University pursues a knowledge-based society.


The University of Zaragoza assumes its role as a leader in Aragón in the following areas:

  • Commitment with excellence in education, research, service provision and institutional management
  • Development  and application of the most advanced ideas and techniques in scientific, technological and humanistic matters.
  • Commitment with environment, advocating for a sustainable development
  • Defence and promotion of social and individual values
  • Innovation as a mean to adapt a world in constant change

It participates in the ‘Foundation Business-University Zaragoza’ (FEUZ in Spanish -, an interactive space that allows for the transfer of knowlege and values and advocates for sustainable development, while adding value to academic and business interests.
It aims to contribute to socio-economic progress by promoting efficient cooperative channels so that the competencies, talent, experience and knowledge generated at university are made available to society; and to foster the productive and professional capacities and its palpable realisation through entrepreneurship, innovation, training and employment.