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University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv

Original name: 
Университет по хранителни технологии, Пловдив
26, Maritsa blvd.
4020 Plovdiv
The University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv was established as the Higher Institute of Food and Flavor Industries in 1953. This academic centre for education and research in food science and technology is the only one of its kind in the Balkans. In 2003, the HIFFI was transformed into University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv (UFT).
The UFT offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs in technology, engineering and economics of food industry and biotechnology. It employs highly qualified teaching and research academic staff and provides training in up-to-date programs. 
The University works in collaboration with many foreign universities and participates actively in international research programmes, as well as student exchange programmes.