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UNIMITT – Centre for the innovation and technology transfer of the University of Milan

Original name: 
UNIMITT - Centro per l'Innovazione e il Trasferimento Tecnologico dell’Università degli studi di Milano
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
Milano (MI) 20122

UNIMITT is an autonomous structure of the University of Milan, set up in the form of a service center, which aims to consolidate the initiatives undertaken by the University and to extend in a structured manner the activities for support and promotion focusing at exploitation of research results, as well as skills and knowledge, including the technological transfer processes.
The important part of this directive relates to actions aimed at communication and relationship with external realities, primarily the companies and administrations, but also other universities and research institutions, that are involved in the processes of valorisation, technology transfer and engagement with the regional stakeholders. Furthermore, the Centre was recognized by the Ministry of University as the leader of the UN.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.A.S project, which has engaged the Innovation Centre of Polytechnic of Milano, Bocconi University and the University of Calabria with the aim of achieving an integrated university structure for the transfer of technologies.


UNIMITT promotes and supports activities related to:

  • PATENTS: the protection and enhancement of intellectual property generated in university research laboratories, and definition, for this purpose, of collaborative relationships with institutions and businesses. Address and management of the patent portfolio belongs to the University.
  • SPIN-OFF: Support to the generation of technology-based businesses and competencies developed at the University, enhancing competitive ability, helping to define development strategies, managing interactions with University's know-how.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROJECTS: strategic synergies related to cooperation with external interlocutors that is combined with the promotion of the University dimension and participation in joint initiatives in the field of innovation and transfer.

The Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer therefore operates with the support of decision-making academic bodies, assisting the University Commissions with systematic initiatives and technical research on patents and spin-offs, and at the same time is contributing to further improvements of the internal regulations.
UNIMITT also carries out the functions of the Industrial Liaison Office of the University, but not only. It provides support in the following manner:

  • raising researchers' awareness and support to fostering relationships with institutions and businesses and designing forms of participation in joint initiatives;


  • the coordination of innovation management processes as well as the protection and transfer of innovative solutions to enterprises (in particular SMEs);


  • the promotion and the industrial and commercial exploitation of the inventive results developed in the field of research, including through appropriate means of representation of the university offer;


  • the consulting support for the creation of new entrepreneurship at the University, according to the guidelines issued by the governing bodies;


  • the strengthening of the University's strategy on value chain resulting from research, gathering the needs and demands that university research could meet and promoting the valorisation of projects already at the stage of their definition.