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Toscana Regional Government

Original name: 
Giunta Regionale Toscana
Via di Novoli, 26
Firenze 50127

The regional government is the governing body of the Region, as established by art. 121 of the Constitution.
It is a collegial body composed of the chairman of the regional government and the councillors. The activity of the government is coordinated by the President of the Region and has legislative, executive and administrative powers.


The Regional government has its own functions, distinct from those attributed to the President of the Region and those delegated by the individual councillors, considered as managers of the regional offices.
In particular, its powers are legislative, executive and administrative:

  • Legislative: The Regional government has the power of legislative initiative, as it can prepare regional bills to be presented to the Regional Council for approval; it is also up to the Regional government to define regional regulations. Moreover it, unlike the government of the state, cannot replace the regional council, so it cannot produce legislative decrees or decree-law.
  • Executive: It has executive powers regarding the laws and the deliberations of the Regional Council.
  • Administrative: The Regional government is responsible for preparing:
    • program and the plans of the Region;
    • multi-annual regional budgets;
    • annual regional budget, budget and balance sheet;
    • rules for changes to the financial statements.