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Toscana Development

Original name: 
Sviluppo Toscana Spa
Viale Giacomo Matteotti 60
Firenze 50132

Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A. is an in-house regional development company of the Tuscany Region. Sviluppo Toscana is supporting the regional administration and the local government bodies in designing and implementing EU co-financed programs and projects. Its mission is to promote regional economic development, mainly through direct support for enterprises innovation and investment.


The Company operates exclusively with the support of the Tuscany Region and carries out the following activities:

  • design and implementation of Community programs and projects of regional interest;
  • advice and assistance for programming incentives to the companies, monitoring and evaluation;
  • management and control of funds, incentives, contributions and other type of activities for the benefit of companies and the public entities at the regional, national and European level;
  • collaboration in the design and implementation of research, innovation and support policies for the competitiveness of the Tuscan entrepreneurial system;
  • operational technical support for investment projects, territorial development and initiatives and activities aimed at achieving the economic and social development goals of local regional communities within the framework of regional public procurement programs.