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Original name: 
Tinnova Azienda Speciale delle Camere di Commercio di Firenze e di Prato
Via del Castello d'Altafronte, 11
Firenze 50122

TINNOVA is a non-profit company owned by the Chambers of Commerce of Florence and Prato. It provides innovation services that meet the specific needs of management and aim at improving process and product development, anticipating needs, identifying the risks caused by rapidly changing market and technology.

TINNOVA supports technology trasfer activities and facilitates the commercial relations between research and industry.



TINNOVA activities cover the entire innovation process, from raising awareness of the needs to the facilitation of the innovation development, until the dissemination of results. TINNOVA works through units of competence and service by offering customer solutions in line with the demand of enterprises.

The areas of expertise and service are:

  • Promotion of Innovation: it provides timely support to companies during the orientation and needs analysis of innovation, supporting them in finding solutions offered locally. It also organises conferences, seminars and workshops on current issues concerning technological innovation and services.
  • Support to Innovation: it supports businesses in the presentation of research projects and in the development of National and European technological cooperation agreements, it offers information and support on funding for research and innovation. The organisation provides information and services in relation to patents, the state of technology, including information systems (Spi-Rit) to promote interaction between companies and research. It provides support for the identification of new materials (Matech Florence). It promotes the use of innovative methods for solving problems of regional groups of enterprises. Through the Enterprise Europe Network, Tinnova promotes trans-national transfer of innovative technologies.
  • Laboratories for quality and safety product: It organises two workshops nationally recognized for providing regional businesses with electrical and electronic testing and certification services for equipment and calibration.