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Technology Centre and Technology Transfer Office (Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

Original name: 
Технологичен Център и Офис за Технологичен Трансфер (Пловдивски университет „Паисий Хилендарски“)
ul. “Kostaki Peev” 21
Plovdiv 4000

In 2012 Plovdiv University signed two contracts with the Ministry of Economy and Energy for the creation of a Technology Centre and a Technology Transfer Office in the framework of Operational Programmes “Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”, which will work in synergy.  
The Technology Centre operates in 2 main fields: molecular biotechnology and ecological ICT. It is geared towards applied research with high commercial potential, which is carried out by mobile research teams with the possibility of cooperating with other technological and research institutions in Europe and participation in international research programmes.
The Technology Transfer Office works closely with the Centre and carries out technology transfer activities such as granting access to R&D services, as well as legal, marketing and logistical support for the commercialization of scientific developments made by scientists, as well as businesses from the region and Bulgaria at large.


The main activities of the Office and the Centre include three main strands:

  • Expanding the availability of R & D services for companies in the region: this is being achieved through a database of scientific and technological experts Plovdiv University and other universities in the region, as well as innovation-related problems/needs of companies, who are potential participants of technology transfer. The Office also organizes meetings, seminars and other information activities aimed at supporting innovation activities in businesses.
  • Commercialization of scientific developments from Plovdiv University and other higher education institutions in the region through the development of their own industrial capabilities for prototyping, pre-industrial testing and production: this is achieved through the reform of the internal rules of the university in order to facilitate the movement of scientists and PhD students between the university and the business sector and vice versa; the use of facilities and technologies necessary for the development of innovations and involvement of the university in spin-off firms (including as an investor).
  • Capacity building in the field of intellectual property rights and the provision of financial and marketing consulting services for innovative firms and scientists from Plovdiv University: this includes the development of an institutional framework for legal and logistical support to companies and researchers in the process of technology transfer, in order to finance innovative developments, market new products and technologies, and support the process of creating start-up (including spin-off) companies.

In the initial stages of its development the Office is also financing activities such as development of feasibility studies of innovative projects, prototypes at an advanced stage of development and establishment of relations with companies and institutions from the Plovdiv region and Bulgaria as a whole.