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SLL Innovation (Stockholm County Council Innovation)

Original name: 
SLL Innovation (Stockholms läns landsting Innovation)
Hantverkargatan 45, House H
Stockholm SE-104 22

SLL Innovation aims to transform ideas of co-workers within Stockholm County Council into new, innovative products or services, facilitating daily working life or improving the quality for patients in the health care sector. Services are provided during the whole chain from idea to pre-studies, project initiation and commercialisation.


SLL Innovation is based on collaboration between three hospitals (Danderyd, Karolinska and Södersjukhuset) and SLSO (Stockholm County Council Health care region, responsible for psychiatry, primary health care and rehabilitation). The organisation was developed during the period 2010-2011. In this time span advisory services concerning approximately 400 ideas were provided that resulted in about 30 development projects. In total, about 50 companies or entrepreneurs were supported. 15 new medical technology companies were established, most of them by female entrepreneurs.

In 2013, the concept developed from a temporary project into an on-going organisation. Activities are well integrated into the Research, Development and Education Strategy of the County Council of Stockholm. SLL Innovation is collaborating with the County Administrative Board, Almi Businss Partners Stockholm, Vinnova, the Innovation Bridge Stockholm, Stockholm Business Region Development and others.

SLL Innovation is an active part in the regional platform Innovation Stockholm, leading one of five prioritized policy areas in the Regional Innovation Strategy  (innovation friendly procurement).