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Technical University of Varna

Original name: 
Технически университет-Варна
1 Studentska str.
9010 Varna

The Technical University of Varna was established in 1962 by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria and the Decree of the National Assembly. It was created in order to ensure the training of engineering staff in the fields of shipbuilding, transportation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and communication techniques necessary for developing industrial complexes in north-eastern Bulgaria. Such complexes would operate in the fields of chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repairing, engine building, transportation, electrical engineering, electronics and communications.


The Technical University of Varna is an autonomous university for the education and professional training of engineers in the fields of shipbuilding and ship repairing, mechanical engineering and technologies, electrical engineering, electronics, computing and automation, marine sciences and ecology. It is the first Bulgarian university accredited by the European University Association. The university has its own hi-tech park with a business incubator facility, which is registered as an independent legal body. Some 60% of the research work done at the university takes place at this facility. The institution works in close co-operation with many universities and research and development (R&D) institutions in the country and abroad. It also hosts a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Protection which aims to educate university lecturers and students in entrepreneurial and business management skills as well as helping to commercialise their R&D products.

The stated priorities of the Technical University of Varna are to address significant regional and national educational needs, cooperate with regional and national state institutions and business organisations, and harmonize national and regional strategic objectives with those of the university. It is increasingly growing in importance from being a regional player, to one of significant national importance. In this capacity the High Park – Technical University of Varna established in 2000, undertakes research, design and implementation activities, advisory activities and the certification of materials, equipment, and products for all the phases of design, manufacture and operation of various technological and engineering activities at the national and regional level. These include: technology for precise casting and processing of tooling; diagnostics of power projects; vibration analysis of technical objects; automatic control of technological processes and many other activities.