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SERGAS - Galician Healthcare Service

Original name: 
SERGAS – Servizo Galego de Saúde
Edificio Administrativo de San Lázaro
Santiago de Compostela 15703

The Galician Healthcare Service (SERGAS) is the organism in the Xunta de Galicia in charge of the healthcare public assistance. Created in 1989, the SERGAS integrates all the regional healthcare centres and services.


SERGAS activities include the following:

  • Provision of healthcare assistance through the centres, services and facilities of the public healthcare assistance network.
  • Distribution of the economic resources to fund the healthcare assistance activities, as well as the management of the healthcare centres, services and facilities linked to it.
  • Coordination and management of human, material and financial resources.
  • Execution and development of training and research programmes.

Regarding the last point, the SERGAS includes the ACIS - Health Knowledge Agency (Axencia de Coñecemento en Saúde, created to become the chief element of the health knowledge and innovation ecosystem in Galicia. Its mission is to be the instrument to optimally disseminate knowledge since the time it emerges until transferred to society. To achieve this, it coordinates a value-chain that includes:

  • Training for healthcare professionals.
  • Health research.
  • Innovation understood from an open approach, not only for results to be transferred from the laboratory to the hospital and the market, but also for generating economic returns that impact public health.
  • Assessing technologies to ensure that the most innovative ones are applied in accordance with top security criteria.