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Seneca Foundation

Original name: 
Fundación Séneca
Calle Manresa, 5
30004 Murcia

Seneca Foundation is the Regional Agency for Science and Technology that depends on the Government of Murcia. 
The mission of Seneca Foundation is: 

To promote research excellence in all fields of science as well as to foster the transfer and application of research results to boost innovative activities, technological development and societal appreciation of science and technology;

To report, advise, support and collaborate with different agents of the regional STI system, involved in research activities, technological development and the promotion of knowledge and human resources, and to favour the coordination between them; the Foundation promotes such collaboration and coordinates initiatives also with national and international institutions;

To contribute to the planning of regional science and technology policies.


The Foundation Seneca undertakes its activities in the framework of the Annual Action Plan that incorporates the objectives of different regional ministries in support of research, innovation and education. The most important activities are related to the following fields:

  • Priority actions in research – mainly focused on promoting technological research in emerging and strategic areas, supporting research on hydrocarbons and promoting virtual libraries;
  • Sectoral and technological strategic actions – mainly focused on the fields of organ transplantation, supercomputing, innovative projects related to the canning industry and the study of plant genome;
  • Cross-cutting actions – focused on research, as shown in the programmes for research staff, support to research centres and infrastructures as well as the transfer of technology and knowledge;
  • Horizontal actions – focused on researcher mobility, scientific exchange and internationalisation; and
  • The promotion of scientific culture and societal involvement – programmes for the promotion, communication, and dissemination of science and technology.

The main actions lines are the following:

  • Talent program,
  • Programme of support for research and the enhancement of research results;
  • Mobility, cooperation and internationalisation programme;
  • Program of scientific and technical infrastructures; and
  • Program on the promotion of scientific culture and the social implications of science.