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Sardinia Research

Original name: 
Sardegna Ricerche
Località Piscinamanna
Pula (CA) 09010

Sardegna Ricerche was established by the Region of Sardinia in 1985, with the name "Twenty-one Consortium" and assumed its present name in January 2007. With the Regional Law no. 20 of August 5, 2015 has been transformed into a regional agency.

The agency pursues the institutional aims to promote research, innovation and technological development, business support and service provision and efficiency targets, efficiency, fairness, simplification, participation and promotion of enterprises and bodies search.


Sardinia Research:
- promotes the exploitation, development, experimentation and technological transfer of research results;
- promotes the technological development and competitiveness of companies in the Sardinia Region;
- stimulates and implements initiatives to support industrial research;
- provides services to companies and research centres for the economic-commercial development, technological and organizational development of its activities;
- facilitates and stimulates the creation of new innovative companies, also through the provision of benefits for individuals;
- promotes, manages and promotes the development of the scientific and technological park of Sardinia, divided into poles on the regional territory;
- carries out initiatives of economic animation, diffusion of technological innovation and scientific divulgation;
- supports the Sardinia Region in the coordination of private research bodies of regional emanation;
- provides technical and administrative support to the Sardinia Region and other public administrations for the application of regulations and for the implementation of programs aimed at promoting research, technology transfer and business promotion;
- implements initiatives for the development of innovative and qualified human capital and provides benefits and facilitations for the promotion of research in the business environment;
- as part of its institutional activities, it grants, according to its availability and the resources allocated, incentives, grants, subsidies, grants and benefits.