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ROVEST Cluster

Original name: 
Clusterul ROVEST
Traian Vuia
Timisoara 300777

ROVEST Cluster aims at developing a platform for research, development and innovation and involvement private sector to innovation and technology transfer. It promotes citizen participation at local level as a valuable tool for creating equality, health, security, sustainability through the necessary policies to develop society in terms of social, medical, institutional welfare.

  • Creation and promotion of  a harmonious framework of interaction among all stakeholders operating in the value chain in the field of healthcare ;
  • Supporting and promoting projects of common interest, including large projects, transregional ;
  • Integration support for educational offers to the real needs of the environment business in the medical, tourism, etc., in the Western Region of Romania ;
  • Promotion and encouragement of entrepreneurship by offering relevant solutions for the renewal and modernisation of the sector;
  • Development of partnerships at home and abroad to achieve the objectives of the association;
  • Promotion of  legislative initiatives designed to improve - or, where appropriate - to regulate certain aspects of interest to the sector;
  • Organisation and participation of / forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars, debates, etc., in the country and abroad; and

Development of projects in various fields to ensure both the development of the cluster, as well as interested members or other structures in the area.