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Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Original name: 
8 Rue Neuve Saint-Martin,
13001 Marseille

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public institution under the supervision of the State and which powers are determined by the laws and regulations in force. It represents the interests of commerce, industry and services before public authorities and foreign authorities, and contributes to economic development, the attractiveness and planning of territories as well as to the support of companies and their associations by fulfilling the public service and general interest missions necessary for the accomplishment of their missions.


The CCI's main activities are: 
- To be the representative of the network at regional, national and European level;
- Ensure the animation of the network and promote its actions on the regional territory;
- To be the interlocutor of the regional public authorities (Regional Prefect, Region...), 
- To contractualise (Convention of Objectives and Means...) and to exercise influence with them on behalf of the network;
- Exercise its strategic role and propose general policy (regional strategy, master plan, sectoral plans, etc.),
- Distribute the fiscal resource among the Territorial CCIs according to the regional policy and ensure support missions for the benefit of these CCIT (Regional scheme of the organisation of missions)
- Be the regional employer,
- Pilot the regional ICC International Paca mechanism