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Province Overijssel

Original name: 
Provincie Overijssel
Luttenbergstraat 2
Zwolle 8012EE

Like all Dutch provincial authorities, the province of Overijssel is an administration at intermediate level that focuses on regional development and keeps track of coherent spatial and economic planinng, thereby assisting or steering the municipalities that fall under its jurisdiction. It invests in big, innovative projects at regional scale and maintains infrastructure (both physical and organisational) to foster the local economy. 


One of the most important tasks of province Overijssel is spatial planning. The province decides broadly whether cities and villages can grow and where business areas and offices should be built. Furthermore, the province takes care of good accessibility of cities, villages and countryside by organising regional bus lines and regional taxis. Overijssel organises meetings for businesses to connect and develop, and sets up programmes and subsidies that enable local companies and SMEs to enjoy the benefit of partnering with other local partners to develop innovations. The province also takes care of the local landscape as part of its regional planning mission, which in turn effects the landscape and opportunities for tourism.