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Province Gelderland

Original name: 
Provincie Gelderland
Markt 11
Arnhem 6811 CG

The mission of province Gelderland is to create a healthy and pleasant environment for people to live and work. The province wants to make Gelderland an attractive and diverse region.


One of the most important tasks of province Gelderland is spacial planning. The province decides broadly whether cities and villages can grow and where business areas and offices should be built. Furthermore, the province takes care of good accessibility of cities, villages and countryside by organising regional bus lines and regional taxis. The province also ensures that people can enjoy their leisure time by fostering nature and creating cyclingroutes and by subsidising cultural activities like popfestivals and exhibitions. Furthermore, province Gelderland takes care for clean swimming water, soot filters in busses, emission abatement measures for companies, safe routes for ambulances and cargo trucks that transport hazardous substances.