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North France Innovation Development

Original name: 
Nord France Innovation Développement
323 Bvd. du Président Hoover
Lille 590000

North France Innovation Development is the regional organisation responsible for bringing together regional actors involved in technological and innovation development support activities. According to the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS), this organisation has three main responsibilities: monitoring the implementation of the RIS itself; being the back-office for regional innovation and research policies; and establishing the actions and guidelines necessary to reach the goals included in the RIS. This organisation is also notably in charge of the operational implementation of the "2000 SME Plan" by coordinating the involved actors and stakeholders and reaching out to potential beneficiaires. It is financed by the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council, the European Union, Bpifrance, and the North Departmental Council (Conseil Général). It is recognised as an association under French law.


North France Innovation Development is responsible for organising the “J’innove en Nord-Pas de Calais” innovation platform. This platform was created in 2007 by the Regional Economic Development Scheme as a successor to the Technological Development Network. It gathers chambers of commerce, intellectual property specialists (INPI), competitiveness clusters, sector-specific business and science parks, higher education and research institutions and technology transfer specialists around a shared objective: promoting the region’s science and technology capabilities and supporting business innovation. The platform provides companies working on innovative projects with experts, guidance and networking opportunities in support of these initiatives. As mentioned on their website “contributing towards turning ideas into products, processes and new services, so as to create value and increase the competitiveness of companies in national and international markets, is the sole purpose of the organisation”.

They are also responsible for managing a collaborative online tool and database which contains all of the support tools that are available, the interventions carried out, enterprise intellectual property data and the activities for innovation support that are carried out at the regional level. This mechanism allows members of the platform to gain access to a centralised source of information, avoiding redundancies of measures and interventions. This is of particular importance in a region with a high concentration of innovation support actors and structures.