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Region Värmland

Original name: 
Region Värmland
Lagergrens gata 2
Karlstad 652 14

Region Värmland is an organisation formed by the county council and its 16 municipalities, with a mission to stimulate and co-ordinate regional development, growth issues, culture and adult education in Värmland.

The organisation was formed in 2001 as a municipal association. In 2007 the organisation was changed, as the government decided that every county could formed a co-operative body and to take over responsibilities from the county administrative boards. Since then (2007), Region Värmland is responsible for infrastructure planning in the region, including rail, road, shipping and aviation.


Region Värmland's main task is to establish conditions for, flourishing trade and industry, a rich cultural life, and the opportunity for the inhabitants of Värmland to live a good life. Region Värmland is responsible for promoting growth and long-term regional development. Region Värmland therefore works with a large range of issues. Region Värmland operates in various areas, such as infrastructure, economy and tourism and education. Examples of the activities are:

  • creating strategies for the development of the region;
  • marketing Region Värmland as a location for companies to establish, both nationally and internationally;
  • working with international issues in order to promote co-operation;
  • follow the EU’s policies and strive towards having a positive influence on development for Värmland; and
  • ensure that regional development leads to environmentally sustainable growth, and monitor the development in the region.

Region Värmland is also responsible for five colleges for adult education and several regional resource centres, including Visit Värmland, the Regional Resource Centre for Dance and the Regional Energy Agency. Region Värmland focuses on creating appropriate conditions for growth in the county.

Region Värmland is in charge for elaboration and co-ordination of the regional development programme. The programme specifies measures and strategies in different strategy areas. In the strategy area of innovative environments there are a number of prioritised actions, divided into three sections:

  • innovative entrepreneurs;
  • innovative clusters; and
  • innovation for sustainable growth.

In general, Region Värmland is working to become better at making the most of people’s innovations and ideas, and to promote entrepreneurship in order to bring new and growing companies to the region. Region Värmland works to create renewal and greater competitiveness for Värmland companies.

Region Värmland makes  large investments in industry-linked research. Region Värmland is placing a major emphasis on strong industries, as these make the region more attractive on an international level and entice new companies and investments in the region. Also, it facilitates marketing and internationalisation of local companies.