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Hauts-de-France Regional Council

Original name: 
Conseil Régional Hauts-de-France
323 Bvd. du Président Hoover
Lille 59000

The “NOTRe” law of 2015 has reshaped the perimeter of a number of the French administrative regions and reinforced the scope of their powers and regional coordination actions   in terms of the support they provide in the fields of economic development and innovation. The new regional council of Hauts de France (based on the merger of Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardie) became the unique competent authority to coordinate policy measures from European, national, regional and the infra-regional levels by becoming responsible to coordinate policy measures with regards to economy in general and innovation more specifically.
In Hauts-de-France, innovation is a mission that is delegated to the two regional innovation agencies: J’Innove en Hauts-de-France that covers the former Nord-Pas de Calais and ARI in Picardy (which aims at being merged with J’innove in a near future).


The region delegates its innovation activities to the two regional agencies in charge of economic development and innovation.
Nevertheless, the region offers a wide array of financial support to support research, valorisation and innovation.