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Region of Smart Factories


The Region of Smart Factories (RoSF) is one of the flagship projects of the Northern provinces in the Netherlands. The RoSF consortium was established around the main three original equipment manufacturing companies; Philips, Fokker and TenCate, but has since grown into a group of thirty partners (SMEs, knowledge institutes and education institutions). RoSF has the status of Field Lab on the national Smart Industry Action Agenda.

The aim of the Region of Smart Factories is to develop the Northern Netherlands into the home of Smart Factories, thereby laying the foundations for a strong manufacturing industry (HTSM, 2016).


The RoSF activities focus on:

  • Product development: from trial & error to first time right;
  • Manufacturing: from ‘casting everything in concrete’ or ‘selling no’ to flexible manufacturing and coping with everyhting;
  • Business development: valorisation of know-how.

Three pilot projects will be implemented:

  • Smart Production Lines (developing faultless production processes);
  • Design of Smart Factory (optimisation of know-how);
  • Customised Manufacturing (enabling customised production).

And two toolboxes:

  • Rendering existing processes;
  • Optimising existing design processes.