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Moravia-Silesia Regional Authority

Original name: 
Moravskoslezský kraj
28. října 117
Ostrava 702 18
Czech Republic

The Moravia-Silesia Regional Authority performs tasks within the sphere of its independent powers set by the elective bodies of the region. These tasks are defined by law as performance of independent powers. The law additionally recognizes performance of delegated powers. As far as performance within the delegated powers is concerned, the regional authority reports to state administration authorities (especially the relevant ministries) that charge the regional authority with state administration tasks. The authority is divided into departments, which are further divided into sections. The field of innovation belongs to responsibility of the Department of Regional Development. This deparment is in charge of the preparation and implementation of regional development strategies, including regional innovation strategy.   


Key activities of the authority are to:

  • Issue general regulations for the region;
  • Co-ordinate territorial development, to approve and implement developmental and strategic documents, to ensure their implementation and monitor their performance;
  • Approve the territorial planning documentation for the region and announce its mandatory parts;
  • Elect representatives to the regional councils of the NUTS II region;
  • Determine the extent of basic transport services for the region;
  • Decide on the inter-regional or international co-operation;
  • Approve the budget of the region;
  • Establish and dissolve contributory organisations and regional departments;
  • Determine the amount of personal and material expenses for the activities of the authority and the specialised agencies;
  • Prepare and implement regional innovation strategies;
  • Offer grants for the region subjects active in the social services, culture, education and science, healthcare, etc.