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County Administrative Board of Jämtland

Original name: 
Länsstyrelsen i Jämtlands län
Residensgränd 7
Östersund SE - 831 86

In the role of the regional representative of the Swedish government, the County Administrative Board of Jämtland has a wide variety of tasks. The county administrative board co-ordinates the work of various sectors in the county, which entails an active role in most of the planning and regional development. The responsibilities of the County Administrative Board can be summarised in three main areas:

  • To promote the development of the County;
  • To work for the implementation in the County of the national political objectives; and
  • To act as the administrative authority.

Its aim is to provide good service with open accountability that is based on the rule of law.


Jämtland County Administrative Board is organised in seven departments and one administrative group, administrating accordingly:

  • European structural funds;
  • regional economy and business development;
  • nature, culture and reindeer farming;
  • environment and fishing; and
  • agriculture government services.

In addition to the departments above, Jämtland County Administrative Board also includes the Environment Inspection Committee and the Structural Funds Committee. The County Administrative Board of Jämtland is also responsible for developing the regional development plan of the county. The regional development plan (2009) defines the goals and strategy areas for future development of the region. The plan is divided into five strategy areas:

  • habitat and attractiveness;
  • business and entrepreneurship;
  • the infrastructure and accessibility;
  • skills and knowledge; and
  • energy and climate.

Each strategy area includes more specific goals, strategies and actions strategies. The area of business and entrepreneurship comprises various activities with the aim of stimulating regional growth and innovations. The main goals of programme are:

  • increase growth in business;
  • good conditions for capital supply;
  • strengthen business in the social economy and the rural development;
  • support internationalisation of companies; and
  • stimulate collaboration between research and business.         

The major part of the actions in business and entrepreneurship is implemented within the framework of The Regional Growth Programme of Jämtland County 2009-2013. The regional growth programme further defines goals, priorities and actions in the area of innovations and renewal and skills supply.