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Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Region

Original name: 
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego
Al. Łukasza Cieplińskiego 4
35-010 Rzeszów

The main responsibility of the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie region is to support the activities of the Board, the executive body of the region, the regional parliament (Sejmik) and the Marshal.


The main activities of the Marshal Office in regard of the region' strategic development encompass the preparation of regional development strategy (document updated in 2013), and development and implementation of regional policy measures. The obligation to devise such a strategy is imposed on regions by the Act of 5th June 1998 on regional authorities. The Act provides that economic development, broadly understood, culture and harmonious management of space and the natural environment are the main responsibilities of the regional authorities. The exclusive power to adopt the regional development strategy has the regional parliament.

Thus, as in all Polish regions, the major tasks of the regional self-authority are: economic development, education, culture, international cooperation, regional roads and transport management, water management and water transportation, spatial development, preservation of environment, and management of European funds.

Regarding innovation policy, the main role is played by the Department for Regional Development, which includes a special unit responsible for the  implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy, as well as the Department for Promotion of Entrepreneurship. Both departments are also responsible for the implementation of relavant actions of the Regional Operational Programmes (2007-2013 and 2014-2020).