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Marshal Office of Lodz Region

Original name: 
Urząd Marszałkowski w Łodzi
Al. Piłsudskiego 8
90-051 Łódź

The mission of the Marshal Office of the Lodz Voivodship states that the office is an organisation created by people who effectively work for the sake of the citizens of the region. The office has its own Strategy, which emphasises, among others, the high management values, openess, transparency, and high quality of services. The office supports the activities of the Marshal (Head of the Board), the Board, the executive body of the region, and the regional parliament (Sejmik). There are altogether 25 departments and offices co-operating with the regional parliament, the parliamentary committees, and other stakeholders.



Regarding the regional innovation policy, the most relevant role is assumed by the Entrepreneurship Department, and also the Departments of the Regional Policy, Regional Operational Programme (ROP), and European Social Fund.

The Entrepreneurship Department has played a crucial role in the development and update of the Regional Innovation Strategy according to the RIS3 requirements - LORIS 2030. After the official acceptance (in May 2013) of the Strategy by the Regional Parliament (Sejmik), the Department is responsible for implementation of the document's objectives. The task of the department includes also the integration and dialogue with the regional innovation stakeholders. At the moment, apart form RIS3 related tasks, the Department is engaged in the project "Lodz Knowledge Transfer Platform", which aims at creating a "regional bridge" between science and business to intensify knowledge transfer. The project comprises a number of activities, e.g. working meetings and consultations with experts, creation of an internet database, organisation of conferences, publicity, etc.

The Department of the Regional Operational Programme assumes the management and implementation responsibility of the ROP's (both 2007-2013, as well as 2014-2020). It executes all the administrative activities, organises calls, selects projects, monitors implementation progress, organises evaluations, offers the technical assistances and controls the financial aspects of ERDF support in the region. The catalogue of the main tasks of the Regional Policy Department, includes coordination of the programming processes and monitoring of the key regional development instruments in the form of Regional Operational Programmes.