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Madrid Network

Original name: 
Madrid Network
Paseo de Castellana, 91 - 4ª planta
28046 Madrid

Madrid Network aims at fostering knowledge exchange facilitate the search of partners for business; improve the access to funds and market, and definitively, achieving a bigger competitiveness in the development of its members’ diverse projects.  The organisation gathers more than 600 members, including SMEs and large companies, universities and research centres. It also connects clusters and scientific – technological parks, which shape a unique space for strengthening the inter-sectorial relations so necessary in a globalised market.


Madrid Network is a pioneer model of organisation in the innovation field, since it comprises under the same umbrella all regional strategic sectors. Its main areas of work are:
•    Innovative Public Purchase: identification and dissemination of business opportunities among partners, providing the necessary support elements for the elaboration of projects, presentation of initiatives and their practical management. Madrid Network disseminates the Innovative Public Procurement model among public and private agents and promotes their acquisition of knowledge through the development of training actions, both for the company and for the public purchaser.  
•    Financing: engage partners with capabilities to analyse, size, complete and finance their innovative project in the most appropriate way to the market reality in which they will enter or compete.
•    Industry 4.0: support to the new concept of Industry 4.0 so that companies are able to drive fundamental changes in the development of software and analysis systems that convert the multitude of data produced by intelligent factories into useful and valuable information.
•    Technology Transfer: facilitate the connection between Universities, Research Centres and the business sector in such a way that the accumulated knowledge of academic and research institutions, national and international, is valued as well as products, technologies and incipient services in high technology markets worldwide, that improve the competitiveness and productivity of companies.
•    European Projects: find collaboration opportunities offered by European programmes as a way to access and develop the ideas of its members.