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Kalmar County Council

Original name: 
Landstinget I Kalmar län
Strömgatan 13
391 26 Kalmar

The Kalmar County Council’s has the vision of being the health community - for a healthier, safer and richer life. It works for the needs of Kalmer citizens and to combined expertise within health care, dental care, public transport, culture and further education, along with the wide range of related services that we provide, ensures a high standard of health and living throughout the county.


The main activities are in healthcare sector. The Kalmar County Council as also regional culture and public transport responsibilities.
On January 1, 2019, the county council will take over regional development responsibility and form Region Kalmar County together with the Regional Association.

A regional municipality has the same tasks as a county council but is also responsible for regional development issues. Healthcare is the largest activity, other areas are public transport, infrastructure, competence and education issues, sustainability, social planning, innovation and business development, international issues, public health and culture.