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IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Original name: 
IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet
Valhallavägen 81
Stockholm SE-114 27

The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent research body that has been involved since 1966 in the development of solutions to environmental problems on behalf of the business sector and the community. IVL deals with environmental issues from a holistic perspective with the aim of contributing to sustainable growth.

Mission: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute works with applied research and commissions for an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable growth within the business world and society at large.

Core values: Credibility, foresightedness and holistic approach are core values that permeate all operations.


IVL is divided into six administrative units: Research, Business Development & Marketing, Organisations, Products & Processes, Natural Resources & Environmental Effects, Air Pollution & Abatement Strategies, Climate & Sustainable Cities.

These six units co-operate in the areas of Sustainable production, Sustainable building, Products and waste, Water, Climate and energy, and Air and transport. Research and development is the foundation for IVL's operations. Research and development stands for more than half of all operations. A large part of the research is co-funded by the Government and industry under special agreements. The aim of this research is to pursue issues of great interest to industry and that have relevance for society in general. In these cases, the funding provided by industry is matched by public funding.

In addition, IVL pursues appropriation funded research, where Mistra and the Swedish EPA are two examples of granters. Commissioned research is conducted on assignments by external clients that can be companies or entire lines of businesses.