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Innoreg (Regional Innovation Agency of Central Hungary)

Original name: 
Innoreg (Közép-Magyarországi Regionális Innovációs Ügynökség)
Hermina sreet 17. Déli Torony Floor 2-3
Budapest H-1146

Innoreg's mission is to increase the international competitiveness of Central Hungarian economic and innovation stakeholders in the context of sustainable development. Furthermore, its aim is to promote the innovation- and enterpreneurship-oriented development of the economy. Its activities target the enhancement of actors' innovation collaboration. Innoreg also focuses on improvement of regional stakeholder (particularly SMEs) awareness of and commitment to innovation.


In correspondence with its mission, Innoreg provides the following services:

  1. Research of international trends, preparation of strategic forecasts, analyses and policy documents;
  2. Creation and maintenance of a databank about R&D activities in the region, and about the main stakeholders: organisations, institutions and private persons. Integration of these data into the countrywide information system;
  3. Information provision about funding opportunities for innovative SMEs, and partner search for joint applications;
  4. Development of the network of technology transfer and innovation centres, dissemination of knowledge for innovation;
  5. Organisation of innovation prizes, exhibitions, media events that provide publicity to innovative actors' results;
  6. Promotion of the diffusion, production and use of new products and technologies by information provision about access to venture capital or to business angels' services, etc;
  7. Consultancy services in technical and legal areas.

Example of recent activities is Innoreg's participation in FP7 eDIGIREGION project and prepare case studies about good practices that promote the emergence and the strengthening of digitally enabled innovation ecosystems.