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Industrial Reality Hub

Original name: 
Industrial Reality Hub
Laan van Malkenschoten 40
Apeldoorn 7333 NP

Our mission is to enhance the collaboration between human and machine through seamless integration of Data and AR/VR technology, enabling humans to remain the leading factor in the digital society. Moreover, our ambition is to make digital reality accessible, affordable, practically usable and socially relevant for any industrial organisation.


We are the European digital innovation hub for industrial applied Augmented and Virtual Reality, stimulating cooperation and innovation between companies, government and knowledge institutes, resulting in world class business, knowledge and facilities.

The Hub was founded by regional development agency Oost NL in East Netherlands and is embedded in a strong ecosystem in the industrial and Tech sector with a network of over 33 organizations in the triple helix. The IR Hub is organized into three working groups: Knowledge, Innovation Projects and Exposure and is run by a operational board consisting of Controllab BV and OV Software BD. The IR Hub has members as well as knowledge partners. 

Members have a primary focus on the development of AR/VR products/applications and secondary focus on related area's such as AI and Data. A member has rights and duties as defined in the cooperation agreement. This means active participation in the members meetings and working groups, and significant contribution in innovation projects as well as knowledge sharing.