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ICE – Institute for Business Competitiveness

Original name: 
ICE – Instituto para la competitividad empresarial
C/ Jacinto Benavente, 2
47195 Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid)

The Institute for Business Competitiveness is the regional Agency in charge of innovation activities. It depends on the Regional Government of Castilla y León.
ICE’s mission is to promote the competitiveness of Castile Leon’s productive system and to stimulate and fund the business innovative strategy.


The main activities of ICE are:

  • Promote public and private initiatives for business and employment creation;
  • Manage investment initiatives;
  • Execute and design financial support measures;
  • International promotion in order to attract investment;
  • Manage services that contribute to the regional development;
  • Provide financial support and assessment related to R&D&I;
  • Elaborate economic and financial strategies and reports.