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Hauts-de-France Innovation Development (HDFID)

Original name: 
Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement (HDFID)
Immeuble L'Arboretum, 135 Boulevard Paul Painlevé,
Lille 59000

HFID is the agency which accompanies innovation in the Hauts-de-France region. Its aims at developing entrepreneurship and supporting companies in their innovation projects. The agency also supports the implementation of the Regions’ economic policies. Its four main missions are the following:
-    Developing entrepreneurship and notably among the youth;
-    Raising awareness about the importance of innovating for companies and projects;
-    Supporting innovation parks;
-    Implementing the regional strategies.


Its activities are two-fold: increasing the number of companies that innovate as well as promoting various kind of innovation. The activities of the agency are the following:
-    watch and economic analysis;
-    Generation of ideas;
-    Project’s management and feasibility;
-    Market launch.