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Government of Navarre

Original name: 
Gobierno de Navarra
Carlos III, 2
31002 Pamplona

Navarra is one of the 17 Autonomous Communities in Spain. As in the rest of communities, Navarre has a Parliament elected every four years, and the majority in this Parliament determines the president of the Community, who is in charge of Navarre's government. The Government of Navarre has almost full responsibility for collecting and administering taxes which must follow the overall guidelines established by the Spanish government.

The Government of Navarra has this executive body (February 2016): 

  • President of the Community of Navarra,
  • Vice president for Economic Development, 
  • Vice president for Social Rights, 
  • Regional minister of Economics and Financial Policy, 
  • Regional minister for the President’s Office, the Civil Service, the Interior and Justice, 
  • Government spokesperson and regional minister for Citizen and Institutional Relations, 
  • Regional minister for Education, 
  • Regional minister for Health, 
  • Regional minister for Culture, Sport, and Youth,
  • Regional minister for Rural Development, Local Administration and the Environment.