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Government of Aragon

Original name: 
Gobierno de Aragón
Edificio Pignatelli, P°María Agustín, 36
50071 Zaragoza

The Government of Aragon (Diputación General de Aragón or DGA in Spanish) is the executive organ established during Spain’s transition to democracy.
Government members are appointed by the President of Aragon, who in turn is appointed by the Aragonese Parliament. The President is the head of government, the highest representative of Aragon and ordinary representative of the Spanish State in Aragon.

The Autonomous Region of Aragon has exclusive authority over legislative power, regulatory power, the executive function and the establishment of its own policies, subject to the provisions of Articles 140 and 149.1 of the Spanish Constitution.


The Government of Aragon has authority in political areas, such as the establishment of government action directives. It also has powers relating to the creation of new regulations: legislative initiatives via draft laws submitted to Parliament, particularly the draft Budget Law; the compilation of legislative decrees to apply specific rulings passed on by the Aragonese Parliament; and lastly, it has regulatory power and is involved in processing amendments or draft laws which entail an increase in expenditure or a reduction in budgetary revenue.

Other political functions of the Government of Aragon are deliberation before the President submits a motion of confidence to the Aragonese Parliament, approval of agreements and conventions on cooperation to be proposed to Parliament, dismissing the President from his/her post and requesting extraordinary sittings.