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piazza Belgioioso 2
Milan 20121

Finlombarda Spa - Finanziaria per lo Sviluppo della Lombardia S.p.A. - is a financial company, totally participated by the Lombardy Region, whose institutional task is to support regional policies for the economic  and social development of the Lombardy territory, enterprises, the governmental authority and the citizen, through financial and management tools and initiatives. Finlombarda S.p.A. manages dedicated regional and European funds in order to promote the competitiveness, the growth, the innovation, the co-operation and the internationalization of Lombardy’s entrepreneurship.
Through the structuring and activation of evolved financing instruments, it shows the Regional actions guidelines, both in the economical and financial field, a technical contribution of high qualification, as a financial intermediary specialised in the fundamental development areas of the Lombard economical and social system.
Its special role of “territorial financial operator” is well represented by both the organization of financial initiatives for SMEs, and the carrying out of projects concerning infrastructures and specialized services that optimize the efficacy and the efficiency of the Regional financial System.


The company is the subject manager of many financial instruments for business facilitation. It conducts activities of preliminary investigation, management and administration of  financial intervention.
Finlombarda provides advisory services and technical assistance to the government for new policies definition and implementation, for industrial development programs and for Research and Development (R&D) incentives.