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The Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park

Original name: 
Euro-Centrum Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
ul. Ligocka 103
40-568 Katowice

Euro-Centrum Group focuses on developing energy efficient technologies and energy saving in buildings. It supports the development of innovative technologies by carrying out a series of research, consultancy, training and educational activities. In order to achieve best results in this field, it cooperates with experienced leaders of our branch of business, including companies and technical universities  focused around Euro-Centrum Cluster of Energy Saving Technologies. Technologies and innovations achieved as a result of the cooperation are implemented in Euro-Centrum Industrial Park office blocks. The Euro-Centrum lease its modern surface to high-technology companies which benefit from the potential od business and science environment that meet here.


The Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park is undertaking a series of activities, notably R&D projects, brokering events between science and industry and development of a passive building which is the first of this type building in Poland. The Park initiated back in 2012 the Forum of New Economy the aim of which is to develop a triple helix cooperation bringing together the representatives of business, science and administration. Since the middle of 2012, it has a simulator (known also as 'Artificial Sun') to perform research activities on quality and efficacy of solar collectors and systems. It is also important to note that the the Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park is a leading institution of the recently established Regional Observatory in the field of energy saving technologies.