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Development Company Brabant

Original name: 
Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij
Goirlese Weg 15
Tilburg 5026 PB
The Brabant Development Company (BOM) is the development company for the province of  Noord-Brabant and tries to stimulate companies, government and knowledge institutes to reach the economic ambitions of the province.

The mission of the BOM is stimulating an innovative and resilient economy in Brabant, with a sustainable competitiveness within a globalising world. Bringing Brabant to the top of the European knowledge and innovation regions. 

The core activities of the BOM, as stated in their yearly report are:
  • Connecting companies with each other and with institutions, with the aim of together transforming innovation into products and services of high quality that are relevant for society.
  • Attracting foreign companies to Noord-Brabant, focusing on knowledge-intensive employment.
  • Risk-bearing investment in starting and growing innovative businesses.
  • Developing business accommodation by restructuring existing locations into high quality and sustainable work locations and developing new locations for businesses in the top clusters.