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Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture Constanta

Original name: 
Camera de Comert, Industrie, Navigatie si Agricultura Constanta (CCINA)
185 A, Alexandru Lapusneanu Boulevard
900457 Constanta

CCINA is the promoter of the business community in Constanta County and the first option in representing the entrepreneurs interests in relation to local, county, regional and international public authorities. By lobby and representation actions, CCINA supports its members and the entire local business community in their effort to improve and simplify the legislative and economic framework as well as to recognize and strengthen the role of enterprises in the global social development. The support and promotion business services offered by CCINA to its members but also to the entire community aim to increase the companies competitiveness. The Chamber membership to national and international networks ensures the companies access to unique and substantial resources that can lead to business success, development of commercial exchanges, increase of competitiveness and innovation potential.
At the local community level, CCINA represents an important pillar for stimulating and developing the entrepreneurial spirit, creating the new generation of entrepreneurs and promoting the good practices in the field contributing to the new jobs creation, increasing the tax base at local and national level or other aspects related to the enterprise social responsibility.


CCINA is actively involved in achieving actions that envisage the development of a solid business environment at regional level cooperating with the local/county public authorities and the regional structures, using also the public-private partnership. CCINA elaborates, initiates and supports proposals for changing or amending the legislation in the socio-economic field with the aim to encourage the business environment and the entrepreneurial spirit. Using the own resources or by cooperating with public or/and private partners, CCINA elaborates analysis and studies concerning the progress of the economic development at regional level. In order to create a link between the academia and the business environment, CCINA undertakes and supports the research and development activities, promotes the key sectors of the regional economy: navigation, tourism, agriculture, commerce. CCINA organizes and facilitates the members access to national and international fairs, expositions, business forums, economic partnership support actions. Within CCINA, business centers activate in the fields: business within the European area (Enterprise Europe Network); research and innovation programs (Regional Contact Point for Horizon 2020); European funds for the rural area and agriculture; business in Black Sea zone; Romania – Bulgaria cross-border business cooperation; professional training; initiation and business development; protection of the intellectual property; innovation and technological transfer; enterprise social responsibility. In the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network, a protocol of collaboration was concluded between the South-East Regional Development Agency and CCINA with the aim to promote the business development and sustainability, the international development and innovation. By improving the local and regional contacts, the economic environment from the SE Region will be supported and promoted on the European market, projects will be developed for attracting external resources.