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Ministry of Economic Development - Italy


The Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is the dicastery of the Italian government which includes industrial policy, international trade, communications and energy. It was established in 2006, following the reorganization of the Ministry of production activities (until 2001 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts), to which the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of International Trade were merged in 2008. It is the reference administration for the main sectors of the Italian economy, both in terms of promotion and development of the competitiveness of the national production system, and in terms of harmonization and monitoring of the internal market.


The Ministry has competences related to four major areas of the Italian economy:

  • Industrial policy: competitiveness, industrial research and innovation, technology transfer, patents and trademarks, fight against counterfeiting, funds and subsidies for companies, redevelopment and reorganization of production, management of corporate crises, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, promotion of competition, liberalization , consumer protection, business simplification, price monitoring (through the Observatory for monitoring prices and tariffs, better known as Mister prices), legal metrology and precious metals, product and plant safety, business register and chambers of commerce, supervision of the cooperative system, agrarian consortia, commission management and extraordinary administration procedures of large companies, trust companies and auditing firms.
  • Policy for internationalisation: exports, facilitation of foreign trade, trade strategies within the European Union, multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, promotion of Italian investments abroad, attraction of foreign investments in Italy, defence commercial instruments, promotion of Made in Italy.
  • Energy policy: national energy balance and strategy, transport networks, energy infrastructure, security of supply, single electricity market, promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, dismantling of nuclear installations abandoned, national gas market, market and oil and mineral plants, hydrocarbon extraction on land and in the sea, storage of natural gas and methane in southern Italy.
  • Communications policy: regulation of electronic communications, radio and television broadcasting and the postal sector, service contract with RAI and Poste Italiane, distribution of frequencies for radio and television broadcasting services, mobile telephony and emergency services, monitoring and control of the national radio spectrum, infrastructure program for broadband.