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Canary Network of Innovation and Enterprise Development Centres

Original name: 
Red Canaria de Centros de Innovación y Desarrollo Empresarial
Plaza Sixto Machado,3
38009 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The CIDE network is one of the most important instruments created by the Canary Government (Regional Ministry of Industry, Market and New Technologies) for stimulating the economical diversification of the enterprises and technological innovation.

The main objectives of CIDE are:

  • empower innovation in Canary enterprises
  • promote research, development and innovation in the Canary Islands
  • stimulate the cooperation in R&D between enterprises, universities, public research organisations and public administrations of the Canary Islands.

The most important activities of CIDE are:

  • providing diagnostics to enterprises to detect critical factors and needs for improvement
  • advising on the definition of R&D projects and their possible financing, analising and providing guidance to specific technical projects. With this service the enterprises has an increased opportunities to get financing
  • advising on the European research programs. If the enterprise has a clear project idea, CIDE advises about the thematic priorities; if not, CIDE helps in the partner search
  • providing information for participation in the Canaryscience, technology and innovation projects. The enterprises profit from other useful initiatives like dynamiser workshops, clusters, inversions forums.