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Autónoma University of Madrid

Original name: 
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid defined their strategic based on the follow pillars:
• Strong social commitment;
• Sustainable healthy and solidarity;
• Teaching quality;
• High quality reasearch;
• COmmitment to innovation and knowledge tranfer;
• International projection;
• New technologies and continuous improvement;
• Transparency;
• Cooperation with other institutions.


The Autónoma University of Madrid offers different degrees, masters’ degrees and doctorate courses in different faculties as:
• Faculty of Science;
• Faculty of Business and Economy Sciences;
• Faculty of Law;
• Faculty of Philosophy and the Arts;
• Faculty of Teacher Training and Education;
• Faculty of Psychology;
• Faculty of Medicine;
• School of Engineering;
• “La Salle” Centre of Higher Education;
• The Red Cross University School of Nursing;
• The Jiménez Díaz Foundation University School of Nursing;
• The Once University School of Physiotherapy.
The Autónoma University of Madrid is the first Spanish University to establish an Integrated Research Management Service. The Research Directorate performs the functions of information, dissemination, management, monitoring and accountability for its wide range of activities in the field of research. It liaises between the numerous financing entities and researchers as well as other partners from within the university community. It is structured in three main units:

• Research Service
• International Projects Office
• Research Funding Management