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Aragon Institute of Technology (ITAINNOVA)

Original name: 
Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA)
C / María de Luna, No. 7.

ITAINNOVA is a public research and technological organisation supported by the Government of Aragon. Established in 1984, its mission is to promote research and innovation to boost productivity and competitiveness.
The Institute advocates for developing a market oriented research and innovation able to find proper solutions to improve the competitiveness of the companies, transferring knowledge and contributing to the growth and sustainable improvement of society. 


ITAINNOVA offers research and technological innovation development services for creating and improving products, services or processes.
The RDI solutions provided cover a broad range of clients, namely, business, based-technology companies, institutions and organisations, entrepreneurs and start-ups, education and professionals.
The service portfolio includes:

  • Technological consulting services
  • Market intelligence
  • Laboratories – mechanic, chemistry, climate, electric, noise and vibration, calibration, etc., and
  • Specialised technical training 

The Institute focuses its technological capabilities and competences in the following fields: materials and components; industrial systems; ICT and logistics; software engineering; and multimedia technologies.