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ACCIÓ - Agency for business competitiveness

Original name: 
ACCIÓ - Agència per la competitivitat de l’empresa
Passeig de Gràcia 129

ACCIÓ is the agency set up by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) for the Competitiveness of Businesses.
It works through two key elements: innovation and internationalisation, as well as through cross-cutting programmes to support all phases and areas which help to grow and guarantee companies’ competitiveness.
ACCIÓ's mission is to make companies succeed in the market by boosting their competitiveness and connections at international level. It fosters the attraction of foreign investment which generates traction and added value for the country.
ACCIÓ has a network of 40 Foreign Trade and Investment Offices located in strategic locations around the world, which operate on a total of 110 countries. From these offices, ACCIÓ manages to detect and take advantage of the business opportunities that arise globally, but for which local proximity and knowledge is required.


ACCIÓ intends to facilitate the competitive differentiation of companies placing them in a position of advantage. Understanding that this differentiation is fundamentally produced through innovation and internationalisation, ACCIO manages to detect and take advantage of the business opportunities that arise globally, but for which there is a need for local expertise and proximity. In addition, it collaborates with business entities to add synergies and to ensure that the companies have a broader range of instruments to grow in competitiveness.
The strategic plan of the Agency, developed through an active contribution from business and sectoral organisations, is the roadmap to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the investment in R&D and innovation;
  • Increase the number of innovative companies;
  • Increase the number of startups;
  • Increase the volume of Catalan exports (and high tech exports);
  • Increase the number of regularly exporting companies, of Catalan companies with affiliates abroad and of foreign companies established in Catalonia;
  • Increase the volume of FDI attraction, especially in manufacturing and high tech sectors.

The focus of ACCIO activities is based on coordinating the tools of innovation support and internationalisation. Those activities can be divided in four priority groups:

  • To qualify: strengthen business structures in management strategy and systems, competitive use of ICT and encouragement of talent in the company;
  • To differ from the competitors: provide tools in support of companies' competitiveness using differentiation - opening-up new markets and improving innovation processes;
  • To grow: provide tools to help companies in Catalonia reaching the optimum size;
  • To be connected: to offer new initiatives to achieve better presence of Catalan companies at global networks and to stimulate the activity of global companies at Catalonia.